:My daughter weighs 130 pounds and wears a 36DD bra. I think she’s a freak


the face and fingers are usually the first to thin out, but it depends on how much you have to loose… best of luck

Reply:My daughter weighs 130 pounds and wears a 36DD bra. I think she’s a freak

(I’m a 36C/D), but the truth of the matter is that it runs on both sides of her family. My mom, her grandma, used to be very busty, and her aunts and gramda on her other side were and are, too. Of course, the kid is thinking about getting breast reduction surgery like grandma, so who knows.

Reply:I think I’m the only weird chick here that doesn’t care if she loses her breasts.

In fact last winter I was seriously thinking of how wonderful it would be not to have them, or at least have much smaller breasts. To me the advantages of small chests outweigh that of the large:

*I could run without feeling like I was going to tip over or have them fall off.
*I could be a hell of a lot more active
*I’d be able to interact with men (and women) without them first introducing themselves to my chest
*I could find better clothes. My breasts always make me look even heavier than I am. They just look kind of clumsy from the sides or back
*Think of all the money I’d save no longer having to buy nice bras with mucho support!
*I would never have men being rude to me while enjoying my breasts (I once went on a trail ride. My horse kept falling behind. One of the ranchers hung back with me. Know why? He’d get my horse to trot so I’d be bouncing around, and my ample chest bouncing with me. He was turned around in his saddle, watching and grinning the whole damn time.)
* I wouldn’t be called a slut by girls who have no cleavage


*I’d be slightly more attractive to the opposite sex
*They’re kind of pretty, and soft
*Plunging necklines help me to get my way
*For some reason it makes me more womanly
*Bras do look nice

All in all, I wouldn’t mind if my boobs got smaller, as long as the rest of me followed their example. :)

Reply:How cruel life is. As a guy, I have a hard time losing fat from my chest area.

Sadly that is the first place were I seemed to lose weight from and I didn’t have a lot to start with!
Over the years from being skinny to larger! my boobs have changed about 3 cups sizes!


Reply:You are sooo right, I only had about 10 lbs to loose and sure enough my boobs went first! My husband says my underwear drawer is like a Victoria Secret shop because of all the different sizes in bras (loosing and gaining weight)I just wish I could get a shot of something to firm them up!! Take care all!!!!!!!!!!!


Reply:The dermalin gel says that when you use it on your lower body the fat may be re-deposited on your upper body if you dont burn all of it off. They said that a common side-effect is enlargement of . I dont know if it’s true but that’s what they say.

Reply:LoL Jen I hear ya….

Of all places on the body we lose that first.
Its like punishment I say LoL


Reply:I am speaking for myslef. I have only 3 lbs and I think it was only from my breasts. I hate that but what can I do.

Reply:Breasts??? What breasts???? LOL That is the first place I lose weight. If I could take the fat from the rest of my body and deposit it in my breasts………I’d be a happy woman! LOL


Reply:Most woman do.I think it all depends on the weightloss.

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