Patty Plenty Bodacious Tatas - Urban Dictionary doesn’t have the comboform so I included one bodacious and one tatas

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1. Bodacious 283 up, 47 down

Prodominately used during the 80’s and early 90’s, bodacious is a combination of the words bold and audacious. To be bodacious is to be:

impressive, awesome, brave in action, remarkable, prodigious.
"Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened." "So please welcome, to tell us what he thinks of San Dimas, the most bodacious philosophizer in Ancient Greece…
Both: Socrates!”

{Describing Joan of Arc:} “A most bodacious solider, and general, Ms. Of Arc totally rousted the English from France.”
2. bodacious 150 up, 39 down

Large, impressive, awesome, remarkable, prodigious.
You cooked up a bodacious pot of stew!
That babe has a bodacious set of boobs!
by Daniel B. Martin Feb 23, 2005  share this
3. Bodacious 155 up, 77 down

Extremely good looking.
She is one bodacious babe.
by djdan Dec 29, 2002  share this

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1. ta-tas 68 up, 13 down

Tits, usually of the big and bodacious variety. If they’re pert, they’re ta-tas.
Kerry Lynn has not only a great face, but bodacious ta-tas to boot.
2. ta-tas 16 up, 2 down

another name for boobies. see boobs tits jugs
damn she has hella big ta-tas!

bodacious tatas

bodacious tatas
(set private for friends only viewing) not sure where my video scavenging turned from mourning to stripping but i think it was some time early in the morning. but this is a spectacular red head dressed in blue with very white skin, which is patriotic.

THIS ONE’S SPECIAL! Do something long enough, you get a payoff.
Trying to get it out of my system after ten hours
on my indefatigable blog-binge yesterday looking at LX vids, I discovered this at eggleston trust youtube channel with 25 views. it’s titled something oblique…Whomever Eggleston uploaded this, I was way too tired to comment on the video this morning when found, but thank you very much. Always have wanted to have an online copy of this available, especially since there are so many incredible pieces of Memphis, N.O. history buried in Stranded in Canton. I did subscribe and tweat and reblog you though.
Alex Chilton Jim Dickinson ‘Like Flies on Sherbert’ Eggleston

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